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“Shelter From The Wind”

A new product designed to provide safe emergency shelter


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Recent tornadoes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Granbury, Texas; Norman, Oklahoma; Moore, Oklahoma; Joplin, Missouri are all chilling reminders that with increased housing density, the odds of being the path of destruction are increasing. Our children, who are in a place that should be safe, their school, are at risk and that is unacceptable.

Safe Shelter Systems was created and developed by a group of experienced builders and developers to address the need of providing affordable large scale and immediately deployable refuges for elementary and high school districts students, faculty and anyone at risk in public areas where there is no shelter.

As experienced public private partnership builders and developers, Steve Cienfuegos and Andy Youngquist have taken a simple design concept and proven financing program and applied it to a real and immediate need.

Safe Shelter Systems: a program solution for community shelters.



A Safe, Secure, Place to Survive

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