safe shelter systems

“Shelter From The Wind”

A new product designed to provide safe emergency shelter



Designed to address an affordable answer to problematic areas regularly subject to devastating winds where lives are at stake.


Safe Shelters are structurally sound and tested steel refuges designed to withstand EF5 winds while providing a safe comfortable environment to the inhabitants. Safe Shelters are easily accessible before and after a destructive wind event.

The advantages of a Safe Shelter are many, but chief among them is the fact that Safe Shelters are located and placed away from existing building so as not to be subject to collapsing structural building components and potential ensuing fires. Existing schools, facilities, homes, etc. do not need to be retro fitted or re-built to gain the immediate shelter benefits from Safe Shelter, a substantial saving.



  • Affordable Protection
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Community Shelter Designed
  • Financing Available
  • Large Scale Design Occupancy
  • Dual Access
  • Immediately Deployable
  • Triage and Recovery Center facility
  • Re-locatable
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Annual Inspection
  • Simple Design Emergency Shelter
  • Above Grade No Excavation Required
  • Visible and Easily Identifiable for Access and Rescue



  • Battery Powered
  • Solar Energy
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Sound deadened padded walls
  • Ventilated with Fans
  • Blast Resistant Windows
  • Grounded For Lighting Strikes
  • Individual Comfort Packs
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